InterPore 2019 in Valencia Features Several ANPERC Presentations

Jul 29 2019

Palau de Congressos de Valencia, main location for much of the conference.

Several ANPERC faculty and students took part in the 11th annual meeting of InterPore in Valencia, Spain this May. Presenters talked about ANPERC's on-going research in a number of areas:

Siarhei Khirevich: "Analysis of numerical error in lattice-Boltzmann simulations of Stokes flow in porous media."

Maxim Yutkin: "Equilibrium constraints in low salinity waterflooding of carbonate reservoir"

Ahmed Saad: "Dynamics of capillary-driven water invasion into mixed-wet angular pores"

Syed Haider: "What key physical factors yield a good horizontal hydrofractured gas well in a mudrock?"

Victor Torrealba: "Direct Visualization of the Inaccessible Pore Volume Effect of Polymer Chains in a Dual Porosity Medium Using a Microfluidic Technique"  

Zupeng He: "Analytical and Numerical Assessment of Hydraulic Properties of 3D Partially Open Fractures with Variable Roughness."

Center Director Tadeusz Patzek and Professor Hussein Hoteit also attended and took part in some of the presentations. The conference took place during a busy spring for ANPERC, whose students and faculty took part in EAGE London, MEOS in Bahrain, and many others.

Left to right: Ph.D. student Ahmed Saad, Center Director Dr. Tadeusz Patzek, Ph.D. student Syed Haider, and research scientist Dr. Maxim Yutkin.