KAUST Fellowship is a Powerful Tool For Science

Sep 03 2019

For prospective students around the world looking at their next big leap, the KAUST Fellowship is one of academia's best kept secrets.

The KAUST Fellowship is a generous all-inclusive financial aid package. Qualifying students are not liable for any tuition or fees and receive free housing and utilities. Health insurance is provided, as are travel costs and visa. In addition, the fellowship includes an annual stipend; the amount ranges from 20,000 USD for MS students to 30,000 USD for PhD students who have completed qualifying exams. Students must remain fully enrolled and in good academic standing to maintain these benefits.

Out-of-pocket expenses often relate to dependents. Adding a child to an insurance plan can cost less than a 1000 USD per year, while renting a 2 bedroom townhouse on the KAUST campus will cost at most 3500 USD per year.

The Fellowship is just one aspect of KAUST's commitment to a rich academic environment. "I came here to work with Carlos Santamarina [ANPERC's Associate Director]," says PhD student Alejandro Cardona. "What matters to me is the advisor, the research, and career growth. But the fact that the KAUST Fellowship exists helps, especially when you're choosing from multiple schools." Another PhD student at ANPERC Marcelo Benitez [seen on the right with his family] adds, "KAUST takes care of things so you can focus on your research."

The Admissions Office is eager to answer any questions regarding the KAUST Fellowship. Check out their new website redesign.