ANPERC Brings Exploration Research to SEG Anaheim

Oct 07 2018

On Wednesday, October 17, ANPERC post-doctoral fellow Timofey Eltsov will present a paper as part of SEG's Technical Program Expanded Abstracts. The presentation will take place during the Society of Exploration Geophysicists' annual meeting in Anaheim California, one of the most important expositions of the year.

The paper, succinctly titled Numerical Simulation of the Magnetic Cement Induction Response in the Borehole Environment, deals with the impact of secondary magnetic fields created by cement on drilling tools, and how to measure them. "We present a technique for the detection of integrity of the magnetic cement behind resistive fiberglass casing. Numerical simulations show that an optimized induction logging tool allows one to detect small changes in the magnetic permeability of cement through a non-conductive casing in a vertical (or horizontal) well. Changes in magnetic permeability influence mostly the real part of the vertical component of magnetic field. The signal attenuation is sensitive to a change of magnetic properties of the cement. Our simulations show that optimum separation between the transmitter and receiver coils ranges from 0.25 to 0.6 meters, and the most suitable magnetic field frequencies vary from 0.1 to 10 kHz. Our goal is to build cheap, long-lasting, low-temperature (<150°C) geothermal wells with water recirculation."

Other ANPERC faculty, students, and post-docs will be at SEG Anaheim next week. Learn more about the event here.

The details of the presentation, and others in the Expanded Abstracts program, can be found here.