Four New Scientists and Postdocs Expand ANPERC's Research Talent

Nov 29 2018

Dr. Shehzad Ahmed (top) and Dr. Alexander Petrovic (bottom)

ANPERC's research talent is growing. In the last semester, four new postdocs and scientists have joined the center, in three different research groups. This represents an increase of over 25% in a single semester. In addition to ANPERC's growing faculty and student base, an increase in dedicated researchers and postdocs will accelerate the scientific output of the center in the years to come.

Dr. Shehzad Ahmed, whose projects "mainly include CO2 foam injection, polymer flooding, and surfactant flooding" for chemical and gas EOR, has recently joined the Advanced Reservoir Modeling and Simulation research group headed by Dr. Hussein Hoteit. On what attracted him to the center: "ANPERC is destined to be a leader in R&D… [KAUST] has shown a strong commitment to research and huge investment in acquiring the latest and cutting-edge technology."

Not all research takes place in the lab. Dr. Alexander Petrovic, a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Volker Vahrenkamp's Carbonate Reservoir Studies group, talks about upcoming fieldwork at the Al-Wahj platform: "In order to reconstruct the development of this rift basin carbonate platform, together with my colleagues we will investigate the architecture, spatial facies distribution and diagenetic history of Al Wajh… Due to the location on the Arabian Peninsula next to the Red Sea and combined with the stimulating research climate in ANPERC, KAUST represents for me a perfect place to conduct my research on modern and ancient carbonates."

Dr. Mohammed Ayachi (top) and Dr. Tarek Mostafa (bottom)